Drinking appropriate quantities of liquids is essential for our physical and mental well-being

Water makes up, on average, between 60 and 65 percent of our total body weight. Even without taking any exercise, our body loses between 2 and 3 litres of liquid a day. If it isn’t replaced, we can get dehydrated, which may lead to headaches, tiredness, low attention levels and reduced degrees of physical performance.

Hydration strategy 

The hydration category accounts for more than half of non-alcoholic ready-to-drink volume, and almost 30% of retail value. According to industry estimates, it will also comprise the biggest incremental growth in our sector through 2025, contributing 45% of the incremental volume and 20% of the incremental value.

Within the water category, our overall focus is on accelerating value share gains with an aim to double the pace of our market share growth in the next five years. We develop market specific maps of diverse water segments and price tiers, seeking to expand our market share and capture higher revenue per case.

As hydration is becoming a complex category ranging from basic thirst quenching to indulgent refreshment with flavoured waters, we are expanding our hydration portfolio from plain to augmented water. The ambition is to gain relevance across all our markets and double the pace of our market share growth, capturing profitable revenues.

This hydration portfolio strategy involves a range of product offerings, execution tactics and route-to-market approaches. Our main focus is to expand our business into the biggest category among NARTD, by covering most relevant consumer needs and relevant Drinking Moments.

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