Having as a primary motivation the constant respect of the consumer, Lanitis Dairy complete portfolio of dairy products, satisfies in the most reliable and contemporary condition, the daily high needs and requirements of the Cypriot family.

Lanitis Dairy, has been actively involved in the dairy industry since October 2001, when Lanitis fresh milk was introduced and added to its wide product portfolio. The company was a pioneer from the very first step, by launching the fresh milk packaged in innovative one-liter PET plastic bottles, a decision that reformed the Cypriot fresh milk market from the very beginning. However, responding to consumer needs on May 2018, the new convenient HDPE bottle with a handle in all sizes was launched. Lanitis fresh milk is available in the market in five different flavors.

Additionally, the milk category is enriched by Lanitis KIDDO, a flavored milk which is extremely popular among children and is available in six different flavors. Within the KIDDOline, there is a bio milk option, and a no added sugar one. The milk category also includes ESL Milk, Protein enriched Milk , Milk Cream and Fresh Cream.

The dairy product portfolio is dynamically expanding with an enhanced range of cheese products that includes: Halloumi, Cypriot Cheese (halloumi type) Light, Low Fat cheese, Traditional Cypriot Goat and Sheep Halloumi, Fresh Anari (Salted and Unsalted) and Dry salted Anari cheese.

Entering the yogurt market was another strategic decision for the company, fulfilling the demands of contemporary consumers in dairy products. The premium quality Lanitis Yogurt, is available in the market in three different options, rewarding consumers with an enjoyable texture and finest taste.