Business Resilience

Business resilience

Business resilience aims to strengthen our business, supporting our growth strategies by identifying risks and opportunities and enhancing our ability to respond to disruptive events

Business resilience  is no longer just about recovery. Unlike many businesses and products, the Coca-Cola system, including  The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partners, has been around for 135 years. Coca-Cola HBC has been in existence for 70 years. While a number of  changes have been made in that time, the essence of the Coca-Cola system – great brands, quality products, operational excellence and enduring relationships - have endured.

Resilience is not just about managing today’s problems and protecting what we have but being able to prepare for and respond to constant change; finding and keeping great people and maintaining the systems, processes and infrastructure that we need to be around for at least the next 135 years.

In order to do that we need to:

  • Understand current and emerging risks and opportunities and adapt based on experience and changing circumstances (enterprise risk management)
  • Use exceptional internal and external risk radar to detect changes in our operational environment (business and operational risk monitoring) and preparing the business for those changes
  • Build strong functional collaboration networks, and enhance our relationships both internally and externally
  • Work proactively to minimise exposures, leverage opportunities and transfer risk (security and fraud control), with an understanding of local risks and exposures and insurance coverage
  • Be able to respond rapidly and decisively to an emerging crisis (emergency response planning through our Property Loss Prevention Programme; crisis management; business continuity management)

Our approach to business resilience

Our approach draws together the various elements that will:

  • Protect our people, assets and relationships
  • Support our growth through identifying and managing current and emerging risks and opportunities
  • Enhance our response capabilities to change and to respond to potential crises

Our business resilience vision is to deliver a best-in-class business resilience model that identifies opportunities, supports growth, drives sustainability and creates value for our business and stakeholders.

Our business resilience framework covers seven key areas:

1.      Risk Management

Our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework supports smart risk taking by outlining our principles for the management of risks that have the potential to impact the achievement of our strategic objectives.  It details the process for identifying, analysing, and responding to current and emerging risks and opportunities across business units (BUs), functions and the Group.

For more information on how we manage current and emerging risks and opportunities, please see our Risk Management page by clicking here.

2.      Security

Our security programme is focused on protecting our people and key assets. CCHBC has dedicated resources and well-established processes across our diverse operating environment to assess, prevent and respond effectively to security risks.

3.      Fraud Prevention and Control

Our Fraud Prevention and Control programme is focused on creating and maintaining an environment that protects our business from internal and external fraud.

4.      Insurance

Our insurance programme is focused on protecting the financial assets of the company should a range of events occur.

5.      Property loss prevention

Working in tandem with our insurance programme, our property loss prevention programme includes regular reviews and audits of our facilities across the Group to identify and reduce vulnerabilities to events and prevent losses

6.      Business continuity

Our business continuity programme is focused on identifying events that could disrupt our key business processes, preparing our management teams to prevent those events wherever possible, and responding effectively if they happen to protect people, key assets and reduce disruption to our business.

7.      IMCR (Incident Management and Crisis Resolution)

The Coca-Cola System’s crisis management programme – referred to as IMCR, prepares our management teams to identify, assess and respond effectively to incidents and prevent them from escalating into a crisis.

The programme includes establishing and training teams at BU, Group and Executive Leadership Team levels and running annual simulation exercises to build capability and experience.

For more information on our IMCR programme, click here.