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The International Leadership Trainee Program is for high caliber talents at the beginning of their professional journey. This program is built to fast-track your international career and prepare you to become the leader of tomorrow.  The program start date is October 2024.​

  • This is a top-notch program that will accelerate your professional development and your international career.
  • You will get a mix of hands-on tasks at the office and in the market, and impactful projects.
  • Thanks to our partnership with Hult International Business School, we are now offering a blend of academic trainings and practical business approach, equipping future leaders with the skills they need. 
  • This will be a complex learning process, mentored by Coca-Cola HBC Senior Leaders.​
  • During the recruitment process, you will get access to dedicated webinars, as well as other learning experiences.​

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Bring your own magic - talent, personality and wit - and join a top-notch leadership program. Find out more about this and apply now!

is-this-program-right-for-you is-this-program-right-for-you

We are looking for people who have up to 3 years of experience after graduation - it can be in fields like management, economy, finance - but this is not an exclusive list. We want to see your first leadership experiences, like being part of students' organizations, NGOs, sports or start-ups.

Send in your application if:

  • You want to gain commercial experience in a high-performance driven environment (e.g. sales, digital commerce, commercial finance)
  • You are determined, curious and self-driven​
  • You enjoy assignments that provide variety, intensive collaboration and challenge​
  • You are open to different people and perspectives ​​
  • You are ambitious to lead change, projects and people​​
  • You are open to relocate to another country to accelerate your career​​
  • You have 1-3 years of work experience in any business-related area​
  • You have a university degree or you are in your last year at university and able to commit full-time (40 hours/ week)​​
  • You are fluent in English​​
  • You are legally eligible to work in the country for which you apply​
  • Experience working, living, or studying abroad is considered as advantage

what-skills-will-you-develop what-skills-will-you-develop

The International Leadership Trainee program is dedicated to gain commercial expertise. This means you will be able to learn on-the-job how we are creating and implementing our commercial strategy. You will also develop significant soft skills, strategic thinking, public speaking, stakeholders’ management and other leadership capabilities. The end goal is to fast-track your career, so you can become a leader and move Coca-Cola HBC further on, through innovation and leadership. 

The program lasts 18 to 24 months and it will start October 2024.​ After the program, based on your performance, you may have the opportunity to continue your professional journey to the top of the company. 

hult-academic-partnership hult-academic-partnership

International Leadership Trainee Program has a strong academic partnership with HultEF Corporate Education. Together, we will provide extensive support to program participants, equipping them with the skills to become leaders of the future. What's unique about this collaboration?

Gone are the days of the traditional induction programs. We are unlocking learning opportunities at every stage of the programme. Get ready to embark on an array of learning experiences lined up for you.  From easily accessible online courses to engaging live virtual sessions, face-to-face interventions, and real-time challenges, we are committed to unlock the full potential of our trainees. By combining the academic rigor of esteemed Hult International Business School with our practical business approach, we have created a distinctive blend that ensures our leadership trainees are thoroughly prepared for the demands of the business world.

We're not just interested in what you learn, but how you learn. We want to help you develop learning superpowers that will stay with you throughout your entire career. This journey will be nothing short of inspiring, deeply personal, and will prepare you to conquer the business world.

And there is more: once you complete this journey, you'll receive a certificate from Hult EF. It's our way of celebrating your extraordinary achievements and acknowledging your unstoppable awesomeness.

So get ready to rock the business world like never before. 

questions-and-answers questions-and-answers

No, it is not. This is a flagship development program aimed at boosting your leadership career at Coca-Cola HBC. You will be offered a permanent contract from the beginning.

The program lasts 18 to 24 months and starts in October 2024.

It is better to apply in the country where you are based or where you have a visa. We will support your relocation for international assignments during the program.

International assignements will be decided during the program based on the competencies you need to develop and the opportunities available in our markets.

Yes. Thanks to our partnership with HULT International Business School, we offer a blend of academic excellence and practical business approaches.

During the program, you will have the opportunity to gain various experiences (assignments, projects), mainly in the Commercial area. These critical experiences will support your growth, even if you choose to develop your career in other functions.

Please visit our dedicated section below to learn more about this.

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Be ready to get challenged and go through different experiences that are designed to enhance your self-awareness, broaden your perspective, and build further important skills.

We strongly believe the time and efforts you invest will pay off, regardless if you are accepted to the program. Throughout the process, you will have the opportunity to receive targeted feedback, coaching and guidance to enhance your career growth. You will have access to various webinars and learning materials, customized to your needs.

Are you up to the challenge? 

1. 1.


~2 hours

Send us your CV and answer a few questions. If your profile meets our requirements, we will ask you to go through a Business Reasoning online test. Ready to start this journey?

2. 2.


~1 hour

You will be invited for an interview with a Recruitment Manager. After the interview, you will receive feedback, to support your self-reflection and prepare you for the next process step. Ready to manage the first impression?

3. 3.


~90 minutes

Be ready for a challenging assessment that we call In-Basket, an intricate business simulation for which you will need to give different solutions and solve various business puzzles. Always wanted to experience this, right?

4. 4.

Meeting Senior Leaders

~90 minutes

In these steps you will have the opportunity to meet our Senior Leaders. Wondering how to prepare for these meetings? We have it all settled in the process for you.

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The ILTP Experience

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What is ILTP Program?

The learning


Before each recruitment step, you will receive learning materials to prepare you for the process. Even more, our current leadership trainees will share their experiences with you to ensure you present your best self.

Throughout the process, you will receive valuable feedback to aid in your growth. After completing the business simulation, you'll receive coaching and feedback to better understand your strengths and areas for further development. Along the journey, you'll be invited to join exclusive webinars with our Senior Leaders, providing insights into our business.

And there's more - before your final interview, you can opt-in for another learning experience: One-Day Market Exploration. Supported by our Sales team, you'll visit our customers, observe, listen, and share your reflections.

This is a learning journey you want to experience, no matter if you get in or not. Enjoy the journey!

learning-programme-step1 learning-programme-step1


Enjoy the journey

Usually, when you apply to a role, you just find out if you got in or not. But this is totally different! We have designed the selection process as a learning journey, so you can actually enjoy the road, not just the destination.

learning-programme-step2 learning-programme-step2


Get valuable know-how

No matter if you are accepted or not, you will benefit from personalized feedback on the way: webinars, market assignments, learning sessions. This is an extraordinary chance for you to learn about the business, a valuable know-how that you will rarely meet again.

learning-programme-step3 learning-programme-step3


You receive feedback

Upon completing each step of the process, you will get feedback and advice on the preparation for the next step. Candidates from the latest steps will be invited to an 1-hour feedback session with a coach and will receive a written report. We want you to succeed and be your best!

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What is unique about this program?

Why is the recruitment a learning journey?

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