Coffee is a lucrative and fast-growing category and an integral part of our strategy of offering a beverage for every occasion around the clock.

Coffee further strengthens the breadth and flexibility of our 24/7 portfolio while for consumers it is a culture, not just a product.

Coffee is experiencing a rapid evolution from a functional energy beverage into one that is enjoyed in multiple ways and formats, with specialty shops and a broad repertoire of coffee brewing devices appearing in homes. Multiple trends are driving premiumization in the coffee category including origins, ingredients & processes, new coffee types and convenience. Key shopping drivers continue to be distinctive taste, quality perception, innovation and sustainability.

Consequently, shoppers have become more knowledgeable and demanding. They know more about coffee origins, blends and roasting profiles vs expected taste outcome, and demand that their brand is sustainable and conscious of its environmental impact. The pandemic accelerated these trends, pushing coffee enthusiasts to invest in replicating the closest-to-barista experience, precision, and expertise in their own kitchens.

Our diverse coffee portfolio means we can help our customers provide the best coffee solution for every coffee occasion for their shoppers, while bringing value for them through premiumisation. In addition, our coffee offering is coupled with point-of-sale merchandising that aims at turning more shoppers into impulse buyers.


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