Experienced Hires

Wherever your passion is, we'll support you to grow and leverage your skills

Sales, logistics, finance, marketing, HR, production, IT, Public Affairs and Communications and more: Regardless of function, working with us will allow you to nurture and grow your skills. 

There are tremendous opportunities for career development at Coca-Cola HBC. The direction your career takes depends on you, your potential, skills, ambitions and drive.

Benefit from working with a diverse network of industry experts and from best-in-class global practices in Sales, learning and training, assignments and other opportunities. Learn more about learning and development.

Across our 28 countries, experienced hires can be characterized as:

The ones on the frontline: Meet some of our Business Developers

Ever wondered how our products get into the shops? Obviously, there´s a team behind that, but next time you go to a shop you might see a person taking care of our products in your local shop, bar, restaurant or hotel. These people are our Business Developers. They´re here to make sure your shop has the right products at the time when they need them. 

Meet our colleagues

"If you can't change a situation, change the way you think about it." Meet Peter, former Management Trainee, who learned a lot and is now Sales Manager in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

"Don't be afraid to ask questions!" says Pawel, former Management Trainee who has become Senior Customer Logistic Specialist in Poland.

Katharina from Austria shares her best advice: "Take your chances, take all the positions you can get as they are milestones in your career". And she´s a good example herself: She started as a trainee and is now IC Key Account Manager (IC: Immediate consumption).

Meet Dominic from Poland, who joined us as intern before he started the Management Trainee programme RISE. His tip: "Stay open to new assignments that can teach you something new."

Vlad Petca Vlad Petca

"I never thought I could learn so much in such a short time! It pushed me to my limits, but this is the kind of experience I needed in order to take the next big step in my career."

Our_people_jolomi_376x240 Our_people_jolomi_376x240

"Working at CCHBC, I've been able to express myself and my creativity because there are many opportunities for career progression and personal development. I have been given the opportunity to air my voice, which has kept me motivated and inspired."


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