Our Business Model

Our business model

Our business model enables us to create value for all our stakeholders

Our business model describes the essence of what we do: how we create value for all our stakeholders from the resources and relationships we use to operate the business.

Our impact

We believe that the only way to create long-term value for all our stakeholders is through sustainable growth. We create socio-economic value for the societies in which we operate by creating jobs, training workers, building physical infrastructure, procuring raw materials, transferring technology, paying taxes, expanding access to products and services, and creating growth opportunities for our customers, distributors, retailers and suppliers.

Measuring and managing these contributions through the sustainable growth of our business is an important part of our purpose. Since 2010 we have conducted socioeconomic impact studies in our markets to better understand the range and extent of the value created in our ecosystem.

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Our success is dependent on the passion, engagement and customer focus of our talented people. We empower them to pursue growth opportunities, both for themselves and our Company.


To produce our products, we use raw materials including water, energy and PET resin. We source these using sustainable practices and seek to use them efficiently.

Social and relationships

Maintaining the trust of stakeholders is essential to our business. Our most valuable relationships are with The Coca‑Cola Company, our people and the communities we operate in, our customers, suppliers and governments and regulators.


Our business activities require financial capital and we seek to allocate it efficiently. This capital is provided by our equity and debt holders, as well as cash flow earned from our operations.


Innovation is embedded in our culture and the intellectual property created from that includes new packaging, new products and improvements in manufacturing, logistics and sales execution.


Our plant and logistics assets allow us to prepare, package and deliver our products to meet the needs of customers and consumers.

  1. Working with suppliers
    We work with our suppliers to procure high-quality ingredients, sustainably sourced raw materials and equipment and services required to produce beverages.

  2. Producing beverages efficiently and sustainably
    Using concentrate from The Coca-Cola Company along with other ingredients, we prepare, package and deliver products with an optimised manufacturing infrastructure and logistics network.

  3. Partnering with our customers
    We grow by supporting our customers’ growth, leveraging our 24/7 portfolio, focusing on areas of high value opportunity and executing with excellence.

  4. Serving our consumers and communities
    Our 24/7 product portfolio 
    caters to a range of tastes and preferences and we continually innovate to remain relevant.

We are a strategic bottling partner of The Coca‑Cola Company

We have the exclusive right to bottle and sell the beverages of The Coca-Cola Company in our 29 markets. We also partner with other beverage businesses such as Monster Energy, Brown-Forman, Campari and Edrington to sell their products in our markets.

How our partnership works

The Coca-Cola Company owns and develops its brands while Coca-Cola HBC is responsible for producing, distributing, and selling these beverages, using concentrate we buy from The Coca-Cola Company under an incidence-based pricing model. We work together to ensure we have the right portfolio for our customers and consumers in each market and to ensure excellent, efficient execution. We also share marketing costs and responsibilities, with The Coca-Cola Company marketing to consumers while we take responsibility for trade marketing to our customers.

For our people

  • In 2021 we provided jobs directly to 27,211 people in 28 countries
  • Median basic salary ratio women/men: 1.15

For our customers

  • We increased the frequency of our customer engagement, providing customers with the best support
  • In the marketplace we achieved a new total number of almost 577,000 energy‑efficient coolers

For our communities where we operate

  • We trained 210,422 young people through our #YouthEmpowered programme to boost employability
  • We invested €6.8 million in local community initiatives

For our shareholders

  • We continued to control costs and generate strong growth in profit
  • In recognition of our business’s strength and future opportunities, the Board has proposed a dividend of €0.71 per share, a +10.9% increase compared with last year

For our wider stakeholders

  • Our business activities generate revenue for our customers, suppliers and contractors as well as income for our employees

For our consumers

  • We provide high-quality beverages and healthy options, reducing calories per 100ml of sparkling soft drinks by 15% in 2021 compared to our 2015 baseline

For our suppliers

  • We spent over €3.5 billion with local suppliers
  • We are working with our suppliers to support their sustainable practices and emission reduction plans


training hours for our people


customers served


total employee costs


employees in the Coca‑Cola System in our markets

1 = 10

1 job in the System = 10 jobs in our community



indirect employment across the value chain


2017-2021 cumulative young people trained in our communities


paid in taxes


created in added value across our value chain


CapEx spend in our markets


suppliers operating across our value chain


spent with local suppliers


potential consumers refreshed 

* With the addition of Egypt.