Our Business Model

Our business model

Our business model enables us to create value for all our stakeholders

Partnering with our customers_ Partnering with our customers_

Our people

Our success depends on the passion, engagement and customer focus of our people. We cultivate their potential and empower them to leverage opportunities for growth, for themselves, our Company and our partners.


We use a variety of raw materials in the production and packaging of our products including water, sugar, fruit concentrate, energy, glass, aluminium, PET resin and paper. We ensure that these are sourced sustainably and used efficiently.

Social and relationships

Maintaining our reputation and the trust of our key stakeholders is essential to our business. These include The Coca-Cola Company, our people, the communities in which we operate, our customers, suppliers, governments and regulators.


Our business activities require financial capital, and we seek to allocate it efficiently. This capital is provided by our equity and debt holders as well as cash flow earned from our operations.


Innovation is embedded in our culture and the intellectual property created from that includes new packaging, new products and improvements in manufacturing, logistics and sales execution. 


Our plants and supply chain allow us to prepare, package and deliver our products to meet the demands of customers and consumers.

Producing beverages efficiently and sustainably_ Producing beverages efficiently and sustainably_

We bottle and sell the beverages of The Coca-Cola Company exclusively in our 29 markets. We also partner with other beverage businesses such as Monster Energy, Edrington, Brown-Forman and Campari to sell their products. We create value for all our stakeholders by supporting the socio-economic development of the societies in which we operate and believe building a more positive environmental impact is integral to our future growth.

working-with-suppliers working-with-suppliers
  1. Working with suppliers
    We work with our suppliers to procure the necessary high-quality ingredients, sustainably-sourced raw materials and equipment and services we need to produce and sell beverages.

  2. Producing beverages efficiently and sustainably
    Using concentrate from The Coca-Cola Company along with other ingredients, we prepare, package and deliver products with an optimised manufacturing infrastructure and logistics network.

  3. Partnering with our customers
    We grow by supporting our customers’ growth. To do this, we leverage our 24/7 portfolio and segmented sales execution to grow the overall beverage industry, focusing on high value opportunities and executing with excellence.

  4. Serving our consumers and communities
    Our 24/7 product portfolio caters to a growing range of tastes and preferences with a wider choice of healthier options and premium products. We support the socio-economic development of our communities and we remain relevant to consumers through continual innovation.

Serving our consumers and communities_ Serving our consumers and communities_

For our people

Our business directly employs 36,000 people in 29 countries and supports many times more jobs across our value chain. In 2019, our people invested more than 600,000 hours to improve their functional capabilities and leadership capacities through various training programmes.

For customers

We are a customer-centric business providing value to our customers by growing their business with the strongest, broadest and most flexible portfolio available, with perfect execution in the marketplace.

For our communities

We are an important contributor to the local economies of the 29 countries in which we operate. Alongside our contribution through direct employment and our indirect contribution through the value chain, we also invest in community programmes to address environmental and social issues. According to our market specific socio-economic reports, we support more than 406,000 direct and indirect jobs across our value chain.

For shareholders

The cash flow we generate through the efficient management of our resources benefits our shareholders through dividend payments and share price appreciation. We operate a progressive dividend policy and occasionally make additional capital returns to shareholders through special dividends.

For wider stakeholders

Our business activities generate revenue for our customers, suppliers and contractors as well as income for our employees. Our tax payments support government revenue and in turn support public wellbeing, local communities and infrastructure investment. 

For consumers

Our innovation provides consumers with beverages of the highest quality and increasingly healthy choices. We have committed to reduce calories per 100ml of sparkling soft drinks by 25% between 2015 and 2025. The reduction achieved in 2019 compared to the 2015 baseline was 12%.

For suppliers

We benefit from a network of approximately 19,500 suppliers. In 2019 our spend with suppliers was €3.3bn. 74% of key ingredients are certified sustainable agricultural products.