Lanitis Dairy



Lanitis Fresh Milk


The year 2001 was a milestone for the company, since the fresh milk product category was introduced into the market. The milk offered is 100% Cypriot milk, packed at the milk production plant of Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus Ltd, following the highest international industry standards. 

The innovative one-liter PET plastic bottles were initiated in the market by Lanitis Fresh Milk, transforming the local market scene once and for all. Responding to consumer demands, within May 2018, the new convenient HDPE bottle with handle was launched in all sizes - 1L, 1.5L and 2L. 

The fresh milk product range is available in five different choices: Lanitis Fresh Milk 3% fat, Lanitis Light Fresh Milk 1.5% fat, Lanitis Skimmed Fresh Milk 0.1% fat, Calcium Plus with 40% more calcium and 1% fat, Lanitis Lactose Free Milk. 

The expansion of the product line has been persistently dynamic and constantly evolving. Lanitis Fresh Milk continues to innovate and revamp through its packaging, in a constant motivation to offer the most practical and convenient solutions for the consumer.


Lanitis ESL Milk


Lanitis Extended Shelf Life (ESL) milk, is produced at our milk production plant under the highest international industry standards, with excellent raw substance and 100% cow milk. The milk is pasteurized at a higher temperature compared to regular fresh milk and is available in two options: Full 3% and Light 1.5%. All packed in a 1-liter pack.

Despite its pasteurization at a higher temperature, the milk remains perfectly healthy, tasty and safe and the nutrients remain almost unchanged while the color remains white.

The Extended Shelf-life milk is stored in a refrigerator.


Lanitis kiddo Milk


Just after a couple of years from its launching in the Cypriot market in 2013, Kiddo milk was recognized and awarded as the “Top Product” in the market by In Business Grocery Retail Awards 2015. 

Responding to the taste aspirations of young milk enthusiasts, KIDDO milk offers the widest variety of flavors in the market: Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla Chocolate BIO and Chocolate Free. All six flavors are among the favorite choices of young consumers. 

Kiddo milk follows the Ultra High Temperature production procedure which extends the product’s consumption life for up to 121 days. This means that the product can be stored unopened in the fridge for up to 120 days and should be consumed within three days after opening. 

It can be consumed and enjoyed through a pack of 250ml or 1L. 


Lanitis Protein Milk


Launched in 2019, Lanitis Protein Milk is produced from cow milk.

This delicious source of extra protein comes in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla. It is a fat free, no added sugar, healthy milk that fits into the daily routine of people who like to exercise and work out. 

As a result of its Ultra High temperature production procedure, the product consumption life extends for up to 121 days, which means that the product can be stored unopened in the fridge for up to 120 days and should be consumed within three days after opening. 

It is available in practical shaped bottles of 242ml. Each milk bottle contains 25g of protein.


Lanitis Cream


Lanitis Fresh Cream is locally produced at the Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus milk production plant from 100% Cypriot milk. It is available in the market in a modern, ergonomic pack of 1L. It contains 40% fat.  

Lanitis UHT Cream is available in a pack of 1L and 250ml. The product contains 32% milk fat and high saturated fat. The consumption lifespan of the cream extends for up to 150 days due to its Ultra High Temperature (UHT) production process.

Both Lanitis Fresh Cream and Lanitis UHT Cream are two favorite ingredients in confectionery, pastry and specialty cooking. 


Lanitis Yogurt


Lanitis Yogurt is a satisfying, delicious proposal of Lanitis Dairy range, which was launched in the market in 2019, enriching the dairy portfolio of the company further. It is a smooth strained yogurt from 100% Cypriot fresh pasteurized cow milk, which is produced and packed in Cyprus.

The category holds three premium quality products: "Lanitis Strained Yogurt 10% fat", "Lanitis Strained Yogurt 3.5% fat" and "Lanitis Strained Yogurt 0% fat". All products are available in four package sizes: 150g, 300g, 450g and 1kg.

All three yogurts have an exclusive, soft, and creamy texture, and a unique and exciting taste.

The finest technology production level ensures the freshness of the pure raw materials of yogurt is preserved, thus sealing in the yogurt all nutrients our body needs.


Lanitis Cheese


The dairy product portfolio has dynamically expanded in 2018, with the addition of an enhanced range of cheese products that includes: Halloumi, Cypriot Cheese (halloumi type) and Anari. All cheese products are produced and packed locally at the milk production plant of Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus Ltd. 

Halloumi is an integral part of the Cypriot culinary culture. It is undoubtedly one of the most delicious products the Cypriot cuisine has to offer. As the purely authentic Cypriot cheese, "Halloumi" couldn’t be absent from the cheese range portfolio of the company. The product name "Halloumi" is a protected trademark and should be used on the package of the product only when it meets the required specifications and criteria in terms of fat, humidity and other standards set by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry.