Natural Mineral Water AVRA is a 100% Natural Mineral Water of exceptional quality that comes directly from the heart of the Achaean Mountains and is bottled in the area of Aigio, under strict controls.

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Avra Natural Mineral Water


AVRA Natural Mineral Water is known for its purity and freshness that emerge while drinking. As is comes in a bottle, the safety and quality of the product is ensured. It appears to be a safe and convenient alternative over other beverages. The detoxifying and hydrating character allows cleaning the internal system by bringing out positivity and energy. AVRA water is established as a symbol and expression of health and wellness.


Avra Bloom


AVRA Bloom the Natural Mineral Water, is the first natural mineral water specifically designed for children, and offers the ideal solution to meet their daily water needs. It is available in an ideal package for childrens’ hands of 330ml, as well as in 6x330ml. It comes in 5 colored bottles that are randomly combined with 5 colored caps so that children can "play with color!


Avra Active Cap


AVRA Active Cap Natural Mineral Water, with its 750ml portion, modern, ergonomic bottle that fits perfectly in the hand and its handy cap for easy carrying and controlled consumption, is the best companion for active living.


Avra Carbonated Natural Mineral Water


The Carbonated Natural Mineral Water AVRA which responds to modern wellness trends and is the most suitable choice for a refreshing experience, any time. Available in glass packaging, stands out for its elegant design and highlights the clarity of the product. The easy-to-carry bottle shape and its weight turn it to a lifestyle gadget either for in or out of home consumption. Carbonated Natural Mineral Water AVRA pleasantly surprises the senses since it is ideal for experimenting with alternative serving suggestions.