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BonAqua Water


In 1994  Bonaqua brand was introduced in Russia. BonAqua is a high-quality drinking  water. Bonaqua combines the process of multistage filtration with a proprietary blend of minerals to deliver a fresh, clean taste for daily hydration of body and mind which is the foundation of a person’s positive mood.  Bonaqua as water brand also cares about the environment and understands importance to preserve for future clean water resourses in the world and in Russia.   That's why since 2012 Bonaqua is donating in various UN activities aimed at preserving water resources of Russia and in particular unique lake Baikal.

BonAqua Viva


BonAqua Viva is still flavored water with natural taste of fruits and without preservatives. It was first marketed in Russia in May 2008. With its stylishly shaped plastic bottle BonAqua Viva is very convenient to consume on the go.