2023 Integrated Annual Report

1. For details of APMs, refer to ‘Definitions and reconciliations of alternative performance measures (APMs)’ on pages 295 to 301.

2. Refers to net profit after tax attributable to owners of the parent.

3. Excluding Egypt.

OAR2023-2-Why-do-we-exist OAR2023-2-Why-do-we-exist

In 2023, we asked, why?

Why do we exist?

When we thought about the answer, we realised that, for an organisation that puts so much into everything we do, our impact happens only when we let it out, when we open up.


And our new PURPOSE was born:


OAR2023-3-Our-purpose-1 OAR2023-3-Our-purpose-1

We open up opportunities for our customers and partners

  • We put our customers first, creating shared value and growing their, and our, business.
  • TCCC is our longest standing and closest strategic partner: we have worked together since 1951.
  • Partnership with our suppliers helps us to avoid supply chain disruptions and reduce emissions across the value chain.
OAR2023-3-Our-purpose-2 OAR2023-3-Our-purpose-2

We open up employees to realise their full potential

  • People are the key driver of our growth strategy.
  • We are investing in our people, building the best teams in the industry and creating an inclusive growth culture.
OAR2023-3-Our-purpose-3 OAR2023-3-Our-purpose-3

We open up life to experiences that refresh and delight

  • Our 24/7 portfolio caters to a growing range of tastes and offers choice across every occasion, all in increasingly sustainable packaging.
OAR2023-3-Our-purpose-4 OAR2023-3-Our-purpose-4

And we open up the chance to make a difference in the world as one Hellenic

  • We are a part of our communities, providing employment directly or through the wider value chain.
  • We are fully committed to our ambitious net zero target and our Mission 2025 sustainability targets.

Linking our vision, purpose 

and growth pillars


VISION: The leading 24/7 beverage partner

PURPOSE: Open up moments that refresh us all