Learning and Development

Learning and development

We are committed to helping you becoming the best professional in your field. Our Talent and Development programmes are winning over 70 awards a year across all our countries.

Accelerate your personal development

Learning is a core part of everything we do and is central to our company strategy. Learning helps us with the work we do today and prepares us for tomorrow. In this fast-changing environment, learning keeps us up to date by ensuring we know the latest trends and are adapting our skills accordingly. Learning also helps us spark new ideas and gives us the confidence we need to step outside our comfort zone.

Above all, we place the highest value in nurturing our people, creating a wide range of opportunities for them to develop, be curious and learn, reaching their full potential. For us, people always come first.

Zoran Bogdanovic, Coca-Cola HBC CEO


Apart from various learnings on the job such as a digital and personal learning cloud which enables employees to learn what they like and when they like, we offer award-winning accelerated development programs. 

They enter CCHBC with a promise to grow fast and learn a lot. Most of them rotate between functions, jump from assignment to assignment and from team to team. This, in a nutshell, is the experience of a Management Trainee at Coca-Cola HBC. Our program RISE is designed to challenge young, talented graduates to kickstart their career and transform them into the next generation of leaders. The program blends trainees’ unique qualities and skills with a fast-paced environment, mentoring from top leaders, an international community and early exposure to responsibility. RISE can last up to two years and gradually introduces the trainee into the FMCG industry providing support throughout.

We have created three so-called Fast Forward programs that were created to prepare our pipeline of future leaders, identifying people with leadership potential and helping them realise their capabilities by building their competencies with a mix of soft skills, mindsets and critical experiences. In 2019, 629 people participated in our Fast Forward programs. More than 80% of participants get promoted to new roles annually.  In 2020 our Fast Forward programs have been recognized with the 2019/2020 Talent Development Excellence Award by the Association for Talent Development (ATD).

We asked global Fast Forward programme participants to share their experiences of the programme and what it offered them. We’re thrilled by their enthusiastic responses and to hear how it offers them professional and personal self-confidence, valuable new knowledge, and the great lesson that all challenges can be overcome! Meet some of our passionate participants:


people in talent acceleration programs in last 3 years


of our leaders are internally appointed


Learning from each other is key for us. In Summer 2020 we introduced the platform Opportunity Marketplace to encourage and support collaboration across borders and departments. Employees from all our operations are active on the platform and post projects or offer their expertise and skills. Opportunity Marketplace helps them to get the resources they need, to extend their networks, to gain visibility or to boost their skills. It´s a place for curious minds, who are eager to learn from each other.

And so is our Women´s Network and also our Mentoring Program offers colleagues support with their development as well as our internal coaches who help our employees reflect on their aspirations and how to achieve what they aspire.

Gender equality is a global issue and an essential element to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. The idea of the women´s network is to our female colleagues connect, share, learn, empower and inspire each other.  They join the network voluntarily to achieve their potential and realize personal and professional ambitions. Get to know some of our outstanding female colleagues! 

Mentoring is a supporting development activity. It´s a mutual learning partnership in which mentor and mentee assist each other with personal and career development through sharing expertise and knowledge. It is a helpful relationship based upon mutual trust and respect. Its objectives are to support onboarding of newly hired employees to accelerate them to full performance, as well as transition of managers along the leadership pipeline, and support talent to turn. We pride ourselves of the fact that our in-house mentoring programme has been given the seal of approval by Gartner CEB, who have turned it into a best practice case study for the industry.

Coaching helps accelerate your success. It concentrates on where you are today and helps you unlock the potential to do more. Coaching addresses a person's mindset and seeks to remove blockers to performance.

Internal coaching gives a coachee the unique blend of a coach who has Coca-Cola Hellenic expertise and great coaching skills. It is a trust-based partnership between an internal coach who will guide the coachee through a learning process to encourage personal discovery & goal achievement. The aim of Internal Coaching is to unlock your potential and help you become more successful.

And while we encourage our employees to drive their careers, it needs supportive  managers to do so. This is why we have asked them too.  Meet some of our leaders and learn how they support their team´s professional development and what they hope to gain from supporting them. 


As a global company, we shift our thinking in response to change. But with 36,000 employees across 29 markets, that's not always easy. In this article for @HRTechOutlook magazine our Chief People and Culture Officer, Sanda Parezanovic, talks about some of the lessons we have learned, unlearned and relearned over the years, helping us drive high engagement and, with that, growing together with our customers. 

HR_Sanda_Accelerating Digital to Enhance Learning

"People appreciate meaningful work - being involved, not just informed, and having the power to make their own decisions.” 

Sanda Parezanovic Chief People & Culture Officer


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