Our departments

Our departments

Approximately 28,000 employees are responsible for the production of iconic beverages in 28 different countries. With the most diverse geographical footprint, we're serving 600 million consumers who bring our growing portfolio of more than 100 consumer - leading brands across 12 categories back home. This spans from the West Coast of Ireland to the Pacific coast of Russia; from Northern Europe to our most southerly market, Nigeria. We work fast to deliver on our mission to provide beverages for the moments that matter, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
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We believe more in skills and career experiences than we believe in job titles. That’s why, during your time at Coca-Cola HBC, it is possible to pursue different careers. You might start your career in Sales and join another team a couple of years later. 

sales sales


You want to help our customers, big and small, sell beverages for every moment of the day? Join our Sales teams
marketing marketing


You want to create brand experiences in stores? Join our Marketing teams

logistics logistics


You pride yourself on your speed, agility and unrivalled customer service? Join our Warehouse & Distribution teams
finance finance


You want to move from data to insight to support business decisions? Join our Finance teams
public-affairs-comms public-affairs-comms

Public Affairs and Communications

You dream of being the voice of a strong company? Join our PAC teams
legal legal


You want to navigate legal requirements and advise business leaders? Join our Legal teams
production_plants production_plants

Production plants

You are eager to produce popular high-quality beverages for every occasion? Join our Production, Maintenance and Quality Assurance teams
human-resources human-resources

Human Resources

You want to help our employees to become the best professionals they can be? Join our HR teams
it_business-solutions it_business-solutions

IT & Business Solutions

You want to leverag technology and data to drive effective business decisions? Join our IT & Business Solutions teams


“Joining our organisation is like embarking on an accelerated growth journey. Throughout two decades I had the privilege to work with diverse teams from our 28 countries, who always trying to push the bar higher, challenge the status quo, learn from each other and have a great time together. We are a team of high achievers, equally committed to growing our people and our partnerships. We work hard and enjoy constantly exploring new opportunities. We stand for doing what is right, not what is easy, always putting our customers and consumers at the core of our business. And we are passionate to share the value we create for the greater good.”

Zoran Bogdanovic Chief Executive Officer


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