Coca-Cola HBC Ventures is the venturing arm of Coca-Cola HBC. We are a strategic investor in and partner to disruptive startups in our geographic footprint and beyond.

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Coca-Cola HBC Joins Sustainability Fund

We are committed to achieving net zero emissions across our entire value chain by 2040.Coca-Cola HBC has joined with The Coca-Cola Company and seven other leading bottling partners from around the world to announce a first-of-its-kind, sustainability-focused venture capital fund of $137.7 million.


In partnership with Climeworks, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland leveraged an industry-leading innovation to use captured CO2 from the air in the carbonisation of its drinks.

  • We want to access disruptive innovation from the startup ecosystem.

  • We offer implementation support to startups, leveraging our resources, brands, and channels.

  • We partner with startups with or without an investment.

  • Coca-Cola HBC Ventures executes Coca-Cola HBC’s business strategy in these focus areas.

  • We only invest in startups that are relevant to our business. We do not invest in unrelated industries.

  • With the investment we have a vested interest in the growth of the startup.

  • We do not invest for financial return only.

  • We help the startups grow and scale through cooperation with our business units, bringing 70 years of CPG experience.

  • Our investment is combined with a commercial agreement that makes us a strategic partner to the startup.

Our Focus Areas

Our focus areas are shown below. If you are interested in partnering with Coca-Cola HBC, please contact us.

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Last Mile

B2B, DTC, logistics, customer connections

E-commerce is one of our most dynamic channels, with great growth potential. It includes both Business-to-Business (B2B) platforms connecting us with our distributors / customers and Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) platforms connecting us with shoppers. Logistics is a core capability of Coca-Cola HBC  and we aspire to utilise cutting-edge technologies in our customer connections.

vending-machine vending-machine

Vending technology & touchless assets


Vending is an increasingly important sales channel, made more so by considerations related to the pandemic. Our vending assets and technologies facilitate automated and touchless purchases, increasing convenience and safeguarding personal hygiene, both of which are priorities for us.  

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Coffee technology & equipment


As part of our vision to become the leading 24/7 beverage partner, with a beverage for every occasion around the clock, we launched Costa Coffee in 2020 and acquired a minority stake in Caffé Vergnano in 2021. We aspire to support our coffee sales through state-of-the-art coffee technologies for our coffee machines and the latest coffee equipment.  

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Sustainable Packaging & Climate


Sustainability is fundamental to our future growth and our sustainability commitments (known as “Mission 2025”) are an integral part of our growth agenda. To ensure that our packaging is as sustainable as possible and that we meet our commitments on recycled content, collection, and net zero emissions across our value chain by 2040, we are actively looking for the latest innovations in sustainable packaging and packaging recovery, emissions reduction, and water reduction & stewardship.  

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