Over 50 years of tradition and unchanged high quality make Plazma a part of the family



Plazma Original

  1. Introduction

Plazma has been irreplaceable in our hearts for more than five decades. The love for this biscuit is passed on through generations, all thanks to its unique taste, irresistible smell, distinct shape, and particular crispiness. Made after a recipe that includes carefully selected ingredients, Plazma is a good source of vitamins and minerals, as well as daily doses of optimism. Plazma is all you need.


Plazma Ground

  1. Introduction

The unique and full flavor of Plazma Ground makes it an irreplaceable ingredient of tasty meals and irresistible treats. Combined with milk, it makes a nutritious meal, perfect for any time of the day, and it is also ideal as an ingredient in quality treats like those we prepare for our loved ones to make them smile.


Plazma Savoury

  1. Introduction

Plazma Savoury is a totally new Plazma experience! It's a completely new Plazma variant that offers many new ways to enjoy your favorite biscuit ― with yoghurt, salty spreads, cream, cream cheese, or something else conjured up by imagination. Discover your favorite combination!


Plazma Cube

  1. Introduction

A new shape, a unique combination of Plazma filling, nougat cream, and crunchy waffle, covered with fine milk chocolate, Plazma bits, and a new equally fantastic combination of creamy coconut, delicate Plazma filling, finest white chocolate, and crunchy Plazma crumbs.


Plazma Sticks

  1. Introduction

An irresistible combination of Plazma and milk chocolate with crunchy pieces presents Plazma Sticks - and for fans of hazelnut - there is Plazma Sticks Hazelnut.


Plazma Plus

  1. Introduction

Plazma Plus adds to the enjoyment in new rituals you create for yourself or share with your friends.


Plazma Mini Mini

  1. Introduction

The tasty Mini Mini Plazma bites are an ideal snack during long days indoors or outdoors. Both original and chocolate Plazma snacks are calling for a new adventure! Stop having fun ― if you dare!


Plazma Kids

  1. Introduction

Plazma Kids Biscuits add to healthy and playful growing up with different biscuit shapes ― badges with heroes from PAW Patrol. Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye make each snack more delicious with Plazma's famous and popular taste!