Amita is synonymous to packaged juice category, retaining the 1st place on consumers' preferences. Amita offers a wide range of beloved sub-brands, combining unique flavors, quality and taste.  Meeting the needs of every consumer, Amita can be the perfect match for every moment of the day!



Amita Core/Regular

  1. Introduction

Amita is the 1st packaged juice in Greece, launched in 1983 and ever since it has been a beloved choice of consumers, offering a wide variety of flavors and high quality juices, contributing to an enjoyable and balanced way of living. Amita juices are available in 13 flavors and 4 pack sizes, covering every need and lifestyle. 


Amita Free

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A new innovative range that contains significantly less calories than the respective fruit drinks with sugar and unbelievable taste, makes Amita Free an ideal daily addition to a balanced diet. Amita Free juices come in 1 liter and 330ml packages, in 4 flavors: Orange/Apricot/Apple, Peach, Orange/Carrot/Lemon & Sour Cherry. 


Amita Fun

  1. Introduction

Amita FUN! launched in Greece in 1998 and was the first kids juice, creating a completely new segment in packaged juices. Ever since,  Amita Fun is loved by parents and children, combining vitamins and unique flavor. Amita FUN! brings the FUN into every moment and has managed to conquer kids' hearts.

Amita FUN! juices are ideal as school snacks for kids, coming in three flavors based on: apple, strawberry and carrot.


Amita Motion

  1. Introduction

Amita Motion is the first 100% multivitamin natural juice with 9 fruits and 7 vitamins. Launched in the Greek market on 1993, it consists the favorite juice of youngsters and is known for its unique flavor and quality. For the last 14 years, Amita Motion is synonymous to Positive Energy and Music. It is a reference point every year on the music scene, offering unique music experiences. 


Amita Motion Supermix

  1. Introduction

Amita Motion Supermix is the new 100% natural juice from Amita Motion which consists of a unique combination of 7 fruits & 10 vitamins that boost physical energy levels within the day. At the same time, superfruits such as pomegranate, acerola & black berry offer pleasure, energy & antioxidant action giving a unique taste experience. The black color at 1lt & 330ml packs of Amita Motion Supermix, emphasizes the modern & dynamic character of the product.


Amita 100% Juice

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Amita Nectars

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Amita Flavors

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