Environmental policy

At Coca‑Cola HBC, we firmly believe that protecting the environment is a key pillar of our long-term success and have embedded this belief in our corporate strategy and policy. We drive continuous improvement on our environmental performance to minimize our impact on the local and global environment.*

To meet our long-term environmental commitments, we:
• Conduct our operations in compliance with all applicable legislative requirements
• Apply The Coca - Cola Company and industry environmental standards and consistently taking in consideration the relevant needs and expectations of our stakeholders and interested parties.
• Commit to internal and external environmental management system certifications in compliance with the internationally recognized ISO 14001 standard.
• Apply a risks & opportunities assessment methodology, aligned with the context in which we operate, to facilitate our ability to achieve environmental management system objectives and continually improve.
• Continuously assess environmental impacts/risks and aspects/opportunities and include environmental objectives in our business strategy, which is underlined in leadership communications.
• Ensure innovation through employee training, involvement and knowledge-sharing mechanisms.
• Actively engage with stakeholders and business partners to develop sustainable solutions and reduce our environmental footprint.
• Set annual measurable environmental objectives for all operations, and at group level, to ensure a culture of continuous improvement and compliance with requirements.
• Transparently communicate our environmental performance internally and externally.
• Understand our role in the circular economy and act to minimize waste under the World Without Waste framework of the Coca‑Cola System.
• Identify and implement opportunities to use resources efficiently, prevent pollution and minimize emissions by reducing energy use and coolants.
• Promote sustainable packaging by light-weighting, recycling packaging and using recycled material.
• Commit to conserve watersheds by saving water, treating wastewater and implementing water stewardship standards.


As CEO, I’m committed to our Environmental Policy, which is owned and endorsed by the Audit committee of the Board of Directors. That said, every Coca‑Cola HBC employee at every level and in every function in the organization is responsible for the successful implementation of this policy and the related programmes.

Zoran Bogdanovic Chief Executive Officer

*This policy applies to CocaCola HBC’s:

• Production operations and business facilities;
• Products and services;
• Distribution and logistics;
• Environmental due-diligence in each step of the value chain, including mergers and acquisitions, divestments and investments;
• Suppliers, service providers and contractors;
• Other key business partners (including co-packers, joint ventures etc).