Packaging Waste Management Policy

Coca-Cola HBC is committed to continually improving its environmental performance in the area of packaging and packaging waste. Beverage packaging has value and life beyond its initial use and we believe that it should be collected and recycled into a new package as part of a circular economy.  To deliver this vision, we own, invest in and take responsibility for collected packaging material as members of authorized recovery organisations.  We implement packaging recovery programs in all our markets to ensure that our packaging is collected safely, effectively and efficiently.  Wherever we can, we aim to make this a multi-stakeholder approach because no matter how good our own ideas, investments and actions, we simply cannot deliver alone.  But whatever we do, we measure, evaluate and share transparently across all our territories and stakeholders.

Our waste management objectives are to:

  • Collect the equivalent of 75% of our packaging for recycling or reuse by 2025 and 100% by 2030
  • Ensure 100% recyclability of our primary packaging by 2025
  • Use 50% recycled material in our bottles and cans by 2030. For PET bottles, we will use 35% recycled PET (rPET) by 2025. In EU countries, our objective is to reach 50% rPET by 2025

To achieve these objectives, Coca‑Cola HBC:

  • Works with governments and industry to create a legal framework in which economic progress, diversion of material from landfill and emissions reductions can be achieved simultaneously,
  • Supports and conducts packaging collection modelling studies to identify the most effective and efficient packaging collection solutions for each market,
  • Engages proactively through relevant trade associations to advocate for improved national packaging collection systems to deliver regulatory targets,
  • Supports the set-up and implementation of new packaging collection schemes in countries where such systems do not exist,
  • Participates as an active member of the Management Board of Recovery Organisations with the appropriate participation at a senior level,
  • Sets both long-term and annual company targets for packaging collection,
  • Supports public awareness campaigns about recycling, waste collection education and anti-littering campaigns,
  • Promotes the development and expansion of organised collections for post-consumer packaging materials at public events to avoid littering,
  • Supports and advocates for public policy interventions and technological solutions that enable a circular economy for packaging,
  • Is committed to investing in recycling infrastructure and new technologies that enable increased usage of recycled content in its packaging, where technically and economically feasible,
  • Plans and executes packaging waste management strategies as part of the annual business planning process to ensure that the subject remains an integral part of operations

Coca‑Cola HBC will:

  • Support the development of effective waste management and packaging collection policy through structured stakeholder dialogue and partnerships,
  • Work through cross-sector packaging associations to develop and support effective waste management and packaging collection solutions,
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of established post-consumer packaging waste management organisations,
  • Innovate to minimize the amount of packaging that we use, while ensuring that the packaging that we do use is as sustainable as possible,
  • Continue to increase recycled content in our primary beverage packaging, with an emphasis on PET beverage bottles,
  • Provide sustainable packaging options that meet the needs of our consumers

This approach to packaging waste is supplemented and complemented by our policies in relation to water and biodiversity and by the social investment and communication campaigns run by our partners, The Coca-Cola Company.

As Chief Executive Officer and Group Corporate Affairs Director & Chief Sustainability Officer, we are both committed to this Packaging Waste Management Policy, which is owned and endorsed by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors. Responsibility for the successful implementation of this programme belongs with every Coca-Cola Hellenic employee at each level and function in the organisation.

Zoran Bogdanovic                                          Sean O’Neill 
Chief Executive Officer                              Group Corporate Affairs & Chief Sustainability Officer