Csaba: From the military to the corporate world

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Csaba’s career story, maybe isn’t what you would expect.

Having started his career in the army as a soldier, and later a police officer, Csaba Nagy, Security Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Hungary, always put the safety of those around him as a priority.


After my career in the police, I came out into the real world and had to pick up the pace.  I felt I was lagging behind my peers and tried to compete with them, like I have been competing all of my life

 Leaving the army and the police force was a decision Csaba didn’t take lightly. 

Q: Csaba, tell us a bit about you?

The military was very much a part of my upbringing as a kid. I am from Szolnok, in central Hungary. There I started practicing martial arts in the dojo, and then naturally I became a soldier, and then a police officer. After my career in the police special forces, I retired to become a service pensioner, and that's really where my civilian life started. I came out into the real world and had to pick up the pace.

Q: How was this move for you?

I'm the kind of person who likes to get out of his comfort zone. I love challenges. And this was a good challenge, but also an opportunity to start a new life with less risk. I threw myself into the deep water of unknown civilian life, and I am still learning to swim.

Q: Talking about big changes, what has been the biggest challenge for you in moving from the public to the private sector?

In the previous job, at the police, I had to work according to strict rules, instructions, and orders, which determined my whole professional and personal life.

But here I am in the centre of things - people usually come to me with requests and questions.

The big difference is that in the police I was just a military serial number, and here I can be Csaba Nagy. That's a big difference.

This new environment, this new feeling, completely liberated me and I was able to be a completely different person, which I think will define the rest of my life.

Q: You said, you like to move out of your comfort but what you do out of work?

I am a dog-lover. And we have a dog daycare business. Actually, my wife runs it, she is the professional, and I am a subordinate there! 😊 It is a nice balance between recreation and work. We are happy to be able to live our own dream, but it is also difficult. There are a lot of responsibilities. I guess that these two things complement each other, and at the end of the day we always bring a positive energy with us for the next day.

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