Sustainability acceleration through partnership: Coca-Cola HBC holds first Group Supplier Sustainability event with over 300 international participants

Coca-Cola HBC held its first Group Supplier Sustainability Event on 14th April 2021: “Doing Good Together”, which was attended by over 300 participants from all over the world. During the virtual event, company and external experts provided context on the international drivers and challenges on environmental, social and economic (ESG) factors facing the industry as well as examples of best practices and new opportunities arising from sustainability.

This included presentations on Coca-Cola HBC’s sustainability goals - Mission 2025, risk management, ensuring a culture of ethics and compliance, human rights, the approach to countering climate change and the journey towards a World Without Waste.

Acceleration through partnership

CCHBC CEO, Zoran Bogdanovic opened the event, underlining that sustainability is at the top of our agenda. He said: “Sustainability is fundamental for our growth. And it can only happen through partnership, especially with our suppliers. For us, creating value means supporting the socio-economic development of the societies in which we operate as well as building a more positive environmental impact, together with our stakeholders. “

90% of our Coca-Cola HBC’s carbon footprint comes from scope 3 emissions, which are emissions that occur in the value chain that are linked to the company’s operations but generated from sources that we do not have full control over. CCHBC Group Supply Chain Director, Marcel Martin further highlighted: “It is important that we work closely with our suppliers to accelerate our sustainability journey, as their environmental and social impact has an effect on the footprint of our value chain and vice versa”.

Within the breadth and scale of societal, ecological and environmental challenges facing the world, it is impossible that one single stakeholder can have all the answers. Partnering is the only way for businesses and society to find solutions.