Τhe last step of a more than 1000-year journey

By Cezara-Camelia Cartes, Coffee Capability Expert at Coca-Cola HBC Romania

I always love asking people to see coffee through my eyes…For me coffee has a great heritage that goes back many centuries and a long journey from farm to cup. By the time it arrives to us it has already passed through hundreds of hands, covered thousands of miles and gone through many different stages, each one extremely important. So, every time I make a coffee I feel that I add the last steps of a journey towards a delicious brew. And that’s very very important! It can make or break the final quality in the cup!

We don’t have to be specialised in quantum physics to prepare coffee. However, in order to brew a cup that is not overly bitter and showcase at maximum the organoleptic profile of the varieties we are using, we need to know some basic rules and follow specific technical steps. Which parameters are important, how each of them needs to be adjusted according to the brewing method we are using, what to modify, when to intervene and most importantly – why?

As a professional working for over 10 years now in the coffee industry and experimenting with coffee I can tell you this: with the proper training and an open mind, anyone can learn how to brew a prefect coffee, every single time, no matter what preparation method is used. Of course, the approach is slightly different. Dealing with coffee at a professional level means handcrafting to perfection every single cup of coffee, expertly handling professional equipment, paying attention to every detail and having a broad understanding of coffee in terms of botany, physics and chemistry. Preparing coffee in the comfort of your home on the contrary, means that nobody will bat an eye if your flat white is not finished with latte art.

Still for me, the magic and versatility are there! Coffee is so much more than just a functional beverage and regardless of whether someone is a professional or a home barista, they should have the opportunity to discover it!

That’s why we have prepared a series of “how to” videos.  Through these, you will learn about the main recipes, catch some amazing tips on how to perfect your techniques and even discover some new and exciting ways to prepare and enjoy your coffee! At the end of this series you will have plenty of options for your next favourite recipe and you never know, you may even start drinking coffee if you are not already a coffee lover 😊.

So, make sure you tune in, grab your favourite mug with your favourite coffee and start brewing! Please find the series of our “how to” videos here

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