Occupational health & safety policy

At Coca‑Cola HBC, we are committed to driving an occupational health and safety (OH&S) culture by developing and applying an effective occupational health and safety system standards and practices appropriate to the risks and opportunities associated with our business activities.

Coca‑Cola HBC delivers its OH&S policy programme through a structured implementation of the occupational health and safety assessment series standard OHSAS 18001 and occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001.

This is enhanced by specific Coca‑Cola Company and Coca‑Cola HBC occupational health and safety standards. This policy programme aims to provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment by eliminating hazards, reducing health and safety risks, and raising awareness among employees, contractors, visitors and others who may be affected by business-related activities.

Our commitment to providing a healthy and safe working environment supports the following health and safety principles:

We report our OH&S performance in our Integrated Annual Report as part of our commitment to achieving excellence in OH&S.



As CEO, I’m committed to our OH&S Policy, which is owned and endorsed by the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors and the H&S OpCO Board. I’m determined to provide the leadership and resources required to ensure this policy is fully implemented. That said, every Coca‑Cola HBC employee at every level and in every function in the organisation is responsible for the successful implementation of this policy and the related programmes.

Zoran Bogdanovic Chief Executive Officer