HIV / Aids policy

Our HIV / Aids policy is set out below.


Coca‑Cola Hellenic is fully committed to the well being of its employees. The Company recognises that its employees can be exposed to the risk of acquiring HIV/ AIDS and that the high incidence of HIV/AIDS in some countries is compounded by the absence of social or medical support systems to treat affected people.

This policy has been established to address these issues in two ways:

  • To reduce the risk of infection to employees and their families through education programmes that create awareness to how HIV / AIDS is transmitted, and how infection can be prevented
  • To ensure that by working closely with local governments, appropriate help organisations and The Coca‑Cola Company, Coca‑Cola Hellenic can contribute to the provision of antiretroviral drugs for affected staff and their families in countries where there is a high incidence of HIV/AIDS and where treatment is not readily available

This Policy has been formulated with reference to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and The Coca‑Cola Company Africa Corporate Guidelines.


  • To create awareness on the issue of HIV/AIDS by educating staff, providing confidential counselling and advice to ensure that affected employees are treated with respect and dignity
  • To provide guidance on such issues as testing, screening, confidentiality and nondiscrimination in employment


The HIV status of any individual will be kept strictly confidential. Medical records of associates with HIV will be considered as confidential information.

Access to such information is strictly limited to medical personnel within the Company and may be disclosed only if legally required and with the consent of the employee concerned.

Voluntary disclosure

An employee who is infected with the HIV virus or suffers from AIDS is not obliged to inform the Company. If an employee discloses to his or her Manager or Human Resources representative information on their physical condition, such as HIV/AIDS, the Manager will be supportive and listen to the employee, noting key concerns. If the Human Resources representative is not aware of the situation, the Manager will contact the Human Resources representative for guidance and resources to help address the employee’s needs, only with the consent of the employee.

Every instance will be handled on a case-by-case basis to balance the needs of the employee with the needs of the business.

Medical testing

The Company will not require new job applicants or Coca‑Cola Hellenic employees to disclose HIV/AIDS related personal information unless required by applicable law.

Employees who wish to determine their HIV/AIDS status may arrange to be tested voluntarily, subject to the completion of informed consent documentation and pre- and post-test counselling.


Where counselling is not available, the Company will make available supplementary information and education programmes to all employees. Where possible and appropriate, this service and programmes will be extended to family members of associates.

We will also seek assistance from established community support and counselling groups. Information for these resources can be requested confidentially from the Human Resources Manager, or HR representative.

Reasonable accommodation and job security

Coca‑Cola Hellenic will take measures to extend reasonable accommodation to employees with HIV/AIDS related illnesses. This could include re-arrangement of working time, special equipment, opportunities for rest breaks, time off for medical appointments, flexible sick leave, part-time work and return to work arrangements.

Employees who are HIV positive, are free to continue to work and will be treated like any other employee with regard to training, promotion, transfer, discipline and other social welfare. Provisions under the existing Company policies and procedures regarding sick leave and impairment/disability will be applicable as instituted in instances of chronic ill health.

The Company will not dismiss an employee purely on the basis of his/her HIV/AIDS status.

Where an employee with an AIDS related condition is too ill to continue to work and where alternative working arrangements, including extended sick leave, have been exhausted, the employment relationship may cease in accordance with anti-discrimination, labour laws and Company policies and procedures.

Risk reduction and management

Coca‑Cola Hellenic will work to ensure a safe and healthy working environment, including the application of precautions and the provision and maintenance of protective equipment and first aid.

Non-discrimination grievance and disciplinary procedures

Where an employee perceives discrimination to be occurring as a result of his/her HIV/AIDS status, that individual shall have recourse to the Company’s internal grievance procedures.

Coca‑Cola Hellenic will take the corrective and disciplinary actions necessary against employees found to be involved in harassment or discrimination against employees directly or indirectly affected with HIV/AIDS.

Information sharing

In order to ensure the Company is in a good position to respond to the health needs of its workforce and to assist its efforts in future manpower planning, it may undertake means to obtain a realistic assessment of the HIV situation in the Company. Such assessment will be undertaken on a voluntary participation basis, and information will be kept confidential.

The Company ensures such information will not disclose the identity of individuals.

Policy review

This policy will be reviewed and updated as and when the need arises or when developments relating to it necessitate policy review.