Genetically modified organism (GMO) position statement

Our genetically modified organism position statement is set out below.

Coca‑Cola Hellenic does not use ingredients that are genetically modified or derived from genetically modified organisms in any of the 28 countries in which it operates. Given this situation, and as there is no requirement either regulatory or commercial to label the absence of such ingredients, the company does not do so.

It is the Company’s position that it supports the responsible use of modern biotechnology within the framework of effective regulatory control and the provision of adequate information about its use. The use of such technology to improve food crops can bring important benefits to mankind, and individual applications should be judged on their merits.

Coca‑Cola Hellenic acknowledge the fact that the public view of the use of genetically modified ingredients in foods is still evolving, and notes that the debate and public acceptance of these is at different stages in countries in Europe and the rest of the world.

As the public discussions continue, the Company is monitoring the situation and is prepared to review and modify its policy in light of any developments that may occur.

Coca‑Cola Hellenic encourages reasonable and scientifically sound solutions and supports and assists suppliers in adhering to the same standards.