General QSE Policy

At Coca-Cola HBC, we are committed to driving our business forward by continually developing a QSE culture across the organization, working together with The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC). local authorities, our partners, suppliers, customers and consumers. QSE covers everything from quality and food safety to occupational health and safety to environment. 

We believe that only products and services valued and accepted by our customers and consumers will deliver business progress. 

As such, we invest in innovation and use an opportunities and risk assessment approach to continually improve the quality of everything we do in all our business activities. 

Fundamental to this is our responsibility to ensure the food safety and quality of all the products we manufacture and distribute across our markets. 

We conduct our businesses with respect and care for the environment, and without compromising the health and safety of employees, contractors, customers or the public. 

The continuous improvement of our business processes ensures we meet and exceed legal and other regulatory requirements, as well as TCCC requirements (KORE) and international standards ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. 

QSE is integrated into our business strategies and processes, including joint ventures and mergers & acquisition processes. 

QSE performance and long-term objectives are measured and verified internally and externally, through management reviews, audits and industry benchmarking in order to ensure a sustainable improvement that meets stakeholders' expectations. 

We provide and nurture an environment of open and transparent communication on QSE matters, recognizing that the skills and involvement of our employees are essential for understanding and fulfilling our needs, as well as those of our customers and consumers. 


As CEO, I'm committed to our QSE Policy, which is owned and endorsed by the Board of Directors. That said, every Coca-Cola HBC employee at every level and in every function in the organization is responsible for the successful implementation of this policy and the related programmes.

Zoran Bogdanovic Chief Executive Officer