Lurisia Crafted Sodas

Lurisia soft drinks are unique by nature. Each soft drink is a distinctive taste experience because we choose ingredients that best enhance our local area. Each recipe presents an authentic taste and tells its own story.

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  1. Introduction

Crafted from Savona's Slow Food Presidium chinotto. An intense, unmistakable fragrance characterizes this ancient citrus fruit that has taken root in Italy's western Ligurian Riviera since 1500.



  1. Introduction

Crafted from the Sfusato lemon of Amalfi. An unmistakable sweetness characterizes the Sfusato lemon cultivated for more than 300 years on terraces along the Amalfi Coast, in Italy. It is a citrus fruit with semi-sweet, juicy flesh.



  1. Introduction

Crafted with Apulia orange extract. The juice of Italian oranges is combined with the extract of the Apulia orange, unique in its flavor thanks to the limestone-marl soil and sudden temperature changes of the Gargano area, nestled between lush greenery and the blue italian sea.



  1. Introduction

Crafted with extracts from the three lemon blooms. A unique lemonade created by combining extracts from the three lemon blossoms: the winter Primofiore, the Spring Lemon and the late summer Verdello for an aroma with a variegated bouquet and Mediterranean flavor


Aranciata Amara

  1. Introduction

Crafted with Melangolo orange of Puglia. The juice of Italian oranges is enriched with the scents and contrasts of Melangolo extract, the ancient "citrine apple" that Melo, prince of Bari, gave to the Normans in 1016 as a symbol of the wealth of the lands of Puglia.


Aranciata Rossa

  1. Introduction

Crafted with the juice of the Red Orange of Sicily PGI. Moro, Tarocco or Sanguinello: three varieties of blood orange that together strike a unique flavor balance between sweet and sour, thanks to the dry climate and temperature ranges of eastern Sicily


Acqua Tonica

  1. Introduction

Crafted with lemon and chinotto. The infusion of Savona Slow Food Presidium's chinotto is combined with lemon juice to bring to life the unique and pleasantly bitter flavor of our Tonic Water.