Lurisia Mixer

Our line of products dedicated to mixology: five references for a journey through flavors and precious local ingredients, to experience mixology in a new way.

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Acqua Tonica con Ireos Toscano

  1. Introduction

A tonic water ideal for mixing with gin and enhanced by the extract of Tuscan ireos, a flower exported worldwide whose aromatic root gives it a unique touch.


Acqua Tonica con una Nota di Vermouth

  1. Introduction

A celebration of Lurisia's Piedmontese origins in a tonic with a touch of Vermouth that enhances its flavor and makes it suitable for consumption neat or for creating cocktails.


Ginger Beer con Peperoncino Calabrese

  1. Introduction

A unique combination of ginger and the spicy flavor of Calabrian chili peppers for a drink with a lively temperament, ideal for the Moscow Mule


Gazzosa Amara con Quassia Amara

  1. Introduction

A tribute to the quintessential Italian drink, gazzosa, enriched with quassia, a naturally bitter herb. Perfect to be consumed neat as well


Bitter Lemon con Estratto di Limone

  1. Introduction

A lemon tonic water with lemon juice and extract of Primofiore Lemon, the perfect symbol of the land of Sicily, whose fragrance and bounty it embodies, combined with lemon juice.