Lurisia Aperitivo

Lurisia non-alcoholic aperitifs are crafted with only natural flavors, and are the ideal choice for a fresh and fun Italian aperitivo.
The recipe for this product is enriched with unique ingredients found in the Italian territory, such as gentian from the Alps and greater wormwood from Piedmont. Even the color of the product is achieved through the use of plant-derived extracts.

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Aperitivo Analcolico con Genziana delle Alpi

With yellow, sun-kissed petals from the Alps, Gentiana Lutea enriches the aperitivo with its bitter, fragrant roots. The enveloping, initially sweet taste that gives way to bitterness is perfect for breathing new life into the Italian aperitivo moment.


Aperitivo Analcolico con Assenzio Maggiore Piemontese

It is the lands of Piedmont that are the birthplace of greater absinthe, a plant with a distinctive bitter and decisive note. The full-bodied, bitter taste, with characteristic citrus notes, reveals the original taste of the traditional aperitif in a new, all-natural fashion.