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Our approach

Coca-Cola HBC understands that in order to fulfil our commitments to sustainability, we must look beyond addressing our direct impacts and enlist the cooperation and active assistance and participation of others.

International standards and commitments

We adhere to independent standards that are widely recognised and allow comparisons with industry peers. We also partner with international platforms that promote corporate social responsibility (CSR), such as the United Nations (UN) Global Compact.

Stakeholder dialogue

We work in tandem with our stakeholders , soliciting their contribution to our CSR endeavours, enabling us jointly to increase the reach and value of our policies and procedures throughout each of our individual areas of activity.

By interacting with stakeholders, requesting their feedback on our programmes and initiatives, as well as gaining their assessments of our reporting, we also aspire to elevate our efforts and bring about continual advancement toward our CSR goals.

CSR performance

We manage our CSR performance as rigorously as our financial performance. We truck our performance and set targets for each of the four pillars of corporate social responsibility – marketplace, environment, workplace and community – by supporting our seven sustainability priorities.

UN Global Compact Global Reporting Initiative Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes
FTSE4 Good L B G UNESDA commitments

2012 Integrated Report

2012 Integrated Report

2012 GRI COP Report

2012 GRI COP Report