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Funding sources

The Group uses the €3 billion European Medium Term Note Programme as the main basis for financing. Please find below links to the most recent prospectus documents.

EMTN Prospectus

Base Prospectus September 30, 2015
Supplementary Prospectus March 2, 2015
Supplementary Prospectus November 11, 2014
Base Prospectus September 18, 2014
Supplementary Prospectus March 12, 2014
Supplementary Prospectus January 10, 2014
Supplementary Prospectus November 21, 2013
Supplementary Prospectus September 11, 2013
Supplementary Prospectus August 15, 2013
Base Prospectus June 3, 2013
Supplementary prospectus March 5, 2013
Supplementary prospectus November 30,2012
Supplementary prospectus August 24, 2012
Supplementary prospectus July 13, 2012
Supplementary prospectus May 11, 2012
Base prospectus April 10, 2012
Supplementary prospectus May 23, 2011
Supplementary prospectus February 10, 2011
Supplementary prospectus November 3, 2010
Supplementary prospectus August 20, 2010
Supplementary prospectus June 1, 2010
Supplementary prospectus May 20, 2010
Supplementary prospectus April 8, 2010
Supplementary Prospectus June 4, 2009
Supplementary Prospectus November 9, 2009
Supplementary Prospectus June 25

Outstanding Bonds

€500 million 7.875% 2014 bond
ISIN: XS0405567883
€600 million 4.25% 2016 bond
ISIN: XS0466300257

On March 2, 2011, Coca-Cola HBC Finance B.V. completed the successful offering of an additional EUR 300,000,000 4.25% Fixed Rate Notes to be consolidated and form a single series with the existing EUR 300,000,000 4.25% Fixed Rate Notes due 16 November 2016 issued on 16 November 2009. The New Notes will bring the total outstanding amount of the series to EUR 600,000,000. The proceeds of the issue will be used to repay the outstanding balance of the EUR 500,000,000 4.375 percent.

Notes issued in the US market

On September 17, 2003, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A. successfully completed, through its wholly owned finance subsidiary Coca-Cola HBC Finance B.V., a US$900.0 million global offering of privately placed notes with registration rights. The first tranche consisted of an aggregate principal amount of US$500.0 million due in 2013 and the second tranche consisted of an aggregate principal amount of US$400.0 million due in 2015. In December 2003, an exchange offer was made by Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A. in order to effect the exchange of the privately placed notes for similar notes registered with the SEC.

Acceptances under the offer, which was finalised in February 2004, were US$898.1 million. The notes are fully, unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed by Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A. These notes are not subject to financial covenants. At that time in 2003, the decision to use the US debt capital markets instead of the Euro bond market was driven by favorable pricing available in the U.S. debt capital markets as compared to the Euro bond market and the desire to further diversify our funding sources.

Outstanding Notes

$500 million 5.125% 2013 Notes
ISIN: USN20959AM92
$400 million 5.50% 2015 Notes
ISIN: USN20959AN75

In December 2003, we filed a registration statement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, for a shelf registration, which expired in December 2008. The amount registered was $2.0 billion. No amounts have been issued or sold under the shelf registration.

Commercial paper programme

In March 2002, we established a €1.0 billion global commercial paper programme to further diversify our short term funding sources. The programme consists of a euro commercial paper facility and a US dollar denominated US commercial paper facility. The commercial paper notes may be issued either as non-interest bearing notes sold at a discount or as interest bearing notes at a fixed or at a floating rate, or by reference to an index or formula. All commercial paper issued under the programme must be repaid within 1 to 365 days.

Syndicated Multi-Currency Revolving Facility

On May 13, 2011, we announced the replacement of the existing multi-currency revolving facility which was set to expire in December 2012 with a new €500 million multi-currency revolving credit facility with a syndicate of 10 banks and which has a tenor of five years. The facility will be used for general corporate purposes and carries a floating interest rate over EURIBOR and LIBOR.

The facility allows us to draw down, on three to five days notice, amounts in tranches and repay them in periods ranging from one to six months, or any other period agreed between us and the financial institutions. No amounts have been drawn under the syndicated loan facility since inception.