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Sparkling beverages

Sparkling beverages, such as the brands Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero (Coke Zero) and Coca-Cola Light (or known as diet Coke in some countries), are part of our traditional range of refreshment products.

Coca-Cola, diet Coke, Coke zero, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes 

They comprise an important and expanding category of drinks, which offer consumers an enjoyable and satisfying solution to maintain good hydration levels, which are essential for physical and mental well-being.

The ‘sparkle' in soft drinks is gained through a carbonation method that duplicates the natural processes that produce the same ‘bubbly’ effect in some mineral and spring waters.

The method involves the introduction of various ingredients, including carbon dioxide (CO2 ). The CO2 is a harmless, odourless and colourless gas, which is present in the atmosphere and gives beverages a tangy taste and an invigorating drink sensation.

We offer consumers a broad choice between sugared, ‘low sugar’ and ‘sugar-free’ sparkling beverages, in an increasingly diverse range of packaging designed to match today’s diverse lifestyles. For example, we have introduced flavour extensions for our top-selling brands such as Fanta and Sprite. Coke Zero with its full cola taste and nil-calorie content has been launched in 20 out of our 28 markets.

The enjoyment of our sparkling beverage brands continues to endure as people across all of our territories seek interesting, flavour-filled choices for their refreshment and daily intake of liquids to help maintain their overall health.