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Our people

Our business success depends every day on our employees. Our values define our mutual responsibilities and how all employees work together every day. As a people-intensive business, we put great emphasis on the skills and motivation of all our employees. We promote a high performance culture across all our markets, to meet and exceed the expectations of customers and consumers, and to deliver value to shareholders. a high performance culture across all our markets, to meet and exceed the expectations of customers and consumers, and to deliver value to shareholders.

We aim to attract, develop and retain the necessary talent for our business to succeed today and in the future by:

  • helping employees to develop professionally and personally
  • protecting and promoting their health, safety and well-being
  • engaging with employees openly and honestly
  • respecting human rights
  • recognising and rewarding performance.

People development

Recruiting, developing and rewarding talent is central to the value “Caring for our people”. The future of Coca-Cola HBC as a successful and dynamic company is dependent upon as equipping our employees to reach their full potential. Coca-Cola HBC invests significantly in learning and development. We also encourage and empower employees to take responsibility for their career development. The foundation is our career planning framework which clearly outlines the seven core areas in which aspiring leaders must excel: Business and Financial Results, Management, People Development, Leadership, Relationships, Growth and Innovation, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility. For each area, we define the performance standards and experience required at every layer of leadership.

We firmly believe in developing our future leaders internally and continue our focus on graduate recruitment. In 2012, we enrolled 190 graduates in our management trainee programmes.

Employee engagement

Everything starts with our values. They are the 'DNA' of our company, what makes us who we are. In 2011, we reinforced our commitment to being a value–led organisation and we undertook a project to clearly define these values and build a high-performance team committed to living them every day, in everything we do.

We believe that this commitment is part of what makes us different, our competitive advantage in the marketplace and the foundation for sustainable growth. We regularly conduct the employee engagement survey since 2002, the most recent one was conducted in 2012.

We are determined to work together to be stronger, to be sustainable and to inspire confidence, always raising the bar because we know that success is not a destination, but a journey.

A safe and healthy workplace

We aim to develop a world-class safety culture at Coca-Cola HBC and continue to make significant progress towards this goal. We have adopted the OHSAS 18001 which is part of our integrated management and auditing system and 70 bottling plants are now certified.

To coincide with launch of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, we held a major campaign to promote safe driving in 2011. A turnkey campaign sent to all operations included posters, videos, talks, email and SMS alerts. Using shock tactics, the campaign tackled key risk factors, from not wearing seatbelts to using a mobile phone while driving.

Country operations partnered with local traffic police, road safety NGOs, driving schools, customers and others. Among employees surveyed, 93% found the campaign beneficial, while 69% had changed their driving behaviour. The Safe Driving campaign of Coca-Cola HBC was recognised as an international winner at the 2012 Inspiring Safety awards.

We also conduct intervention programmes that address HIV/AIDS and Malaria.

Health and wellbeing of employees

Helping our employees to lead healthy active lifestyles is of utmost importance to Coca-Cola HBC. Health and wellbeing is a key focus externally for us, but it is meaningless if we do not also focus on our own employees.

Coca-Cola HBC in Romania runs a ‘GetReActivated’ internal communications programme to promote better nutrition choices and regular exercise among employees. The campaign won a Silver Award at the League of American Communication Professionals’ Magellan Awards 2012.

In Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Serbia and a number of other countries we have similar employee activity events.